Where is George Zimmerman Now in 2020?

Many who read about the tragic incident wonder, where is George Zimmerman now in 2020? Is he serving time for his deed? Is he repenting for the life he took? To answer both questions, no, he is not. He lives comfortably posing as a painter. 

What's more, he even sued the dead boy's parents and attorney for $100 million. Now, if he was a good man, he would be drowning in guilt. Beg for forgiveness to the dead boy's parents and family. Not sue them for $100 million.

Is the Killer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman in Jail?

George Zimmerman was recently convicted for DUI. As they say, when the justice system fails, there is always Karma. However, he was once again released after a short amount of time.

The killer of Trayvon Martin faced multiple charges of domestic abuse. But the changes were always dropped for some undisclosed reasons. 

George Zimmerman's Wife.

George Zimmerman was a married man. I say "was" because his wife divorced him. Back in 2013, after he was cleared of all charges he returned home.

However, the story does not end there. No, no. However, his wife reported to the police that Zimmerman was abusing her. Moreover, she stated he assaulted her father and even went as far as to threaten her with a gun. Soon after the former married couple divorced.

Other Affairs.

Geoge Zimmerman was involved in two other relationships. However, they did not last very long due to his aggressive nature.

Moreover, both of his girlfriends claimed that their relationship with him was very abusive. Likewise, the dating app "Tinder" banned him for life.

George Zimmerman's Net Worth and Job.

As of 2020, George Zimmerman holds an approximated net worth of $100 thousand. Moreover, he made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the auction of the gun he shot Trayvon Martin. The gun was sold for $250 thousand. 

As for his job he poses around as an artist. Moreover, he made thousands of dollars while posing as an artist. Furthermore, back in 2013, he sold a painting of an American flag for $100,099.99 on eBay. However, it was later revealed that he copied the painting from a stock image taken from Shutterstock.