Where Is George Zimmerman Now 2021? 

George Zimmerman's latest current whereabouts are reported to have been in Idaho per the recent news.

He was there for the Lethal Force Gun Laws 2021 Tactics & Strategies Conference in The Riverside Hotel, Idaho.

The high-end gun event is reportedly sponsored by a Washington state-based organization called Old School Gun School, reports N.Y. Daily News.

However, the hotel canceled the event when it came to knowing of Zimmerman's presence through social media.

The hotel group was open about mentioning Zimmerman's name when it refused to do so.

The hotelier is opted for canceling the event due to Zimmerman's influence in society and killing an unarmed teen back in February 2012.

Meet George Zimmerman Wife Shellie

George Zimmerman was previously married to a licensed cosmetologist named Shellie Dean.

The duo had married in 2007 and has rented a house in the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida.

It was when Zimmerman had shot Martin when he worked as a neighborhood watch coordinator.

After Zimmerman was charged, Shellie became estranged from him. 

However, in 2013, Shellie had made a 911 call to report Zimmerman assaulting her father and even pointing a gun at her.

The alleged Martin killer was not charged for the offense.

Likewise, two more domestic violence accusations were complained against him by his two different girlfriends, though; he was never charged.

Meet George Zimmerman Family Today

George Zimmerman hails from a big family of six that include his parents and three siblings. 

His father, Robert Zimmerman Sr., served in the military for 22 years, first as an Army sergeant and then ten years at the Department of Defense.

He had later served as a magistrate in Fairfax County's 19th Judicial District.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman's mother is Gladys Cristina, who is Peruvian.

His siblings include a brother named Robert Jr., and two sisters, Grace and Dawn.

Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic though he hails from mixed-race as his father is of German descend.