Where Is Kasie Hunt Going – Why Is She Leaving MSNBC?

Where Is Kasie Hunt Going – Why Is She Leaving MSNBC?

Where is MSNBC Kasie Hunt going? Hunt Is Leaving MSNBC and going to CNN.

Kasie is recognized from MSNBC’s Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt. Reportedly, she is a political correspondent from Washington, District of Columbia.

She has been working as a political journalist since January 2005. Along with MSNBC, she has been handling her job as a Capitol Hill correspondent at NBC News.

Kasie Hunt Is Going To CNN

Kasie Hunt is indeed moving to CNN. Among dozens of people, CNN plans to hire the experienced Kasie Hunt.

Reportedly, the network is set to fuel its move into the streaming arena. According to Variety, Kasie is going to play a pivotal role in CNN’s streaming efforts. Indeed, this would change her career for life.

As the nation’s big TV-news divisions have started focusing on streaming videos, CNN is also planning to do the same. The younger generation is much into social media rather than TV.

Thus, CNN wants to have an equally important role in streaming platforms like they have on TV. Most probably, Hunt will lead her way on this platform.

Well, she has had an amazing experience working for top TV networks. So, it will interesting to know how she will handle her job at CNN.

Why Is Kasie Hunt Leaving MSNBC?

Kasie Hunt is leaving MSNBC for multiple reasons.

However, she has not exactly mentioned the purpose behind leaving the network. She worked for four years and had an amazing time with the crew.

Reportedly, she announced that she would leave MSNBC live on air. Along with that, Kasie will no longer be a part of NBC News too.

Her work at NBC has always been vital. According to LinkedIn, she had worked there since January 2013.

As per our prediction, Kasie is leaving the two networks to start a new challenge. She must be excited by the news that she would play a vital role at CNN.

Moreover, an unknown personality revealed that her salary would be between $1 million to $5 million. Indeed, the amount is somewhat the two networks wouldn’t be able to pay.

Most probably, Kasie is happy to receive this amazing cash offer. Also, her husband, Matt Rivera would be pleased to hear such news.

Is Kasie Hunt Sick? Illness And Health Update

There’s no update on Kasie Hunt’s illness and health. By the way, she is also not retiring. 

However, she was worried that she would bring COVID-19 to her home. During the pandemic, she raised her 7-months-old son while working from home.

On March 25, 2020, she tweeted that her husband got sick because of the COVID-19. However, Matt along with his family is doing fine now.