Update: Where Is Lee Corso On Gameday Headgear Picks Today? – Is He Sick

Update: Where Is Lee Corso On Gameday Headgear Picks Today? – Is He Sick

Lee Corso is one of the legendary headgear picks who recently has been under a rumor of being ill. Let’s find about his sickness and health updates.

Lee Corso is an American sports broadcaster and a football analyst who has been very famous for his pre-game predictions.

College Gameday is a pre-game show broadcast by the television network ESPN as part of its coverage of college football.

Update 2021: Where Is Lee Corso On College Gameday For Headgear Picks? 

Lee Corso is currently under the dilemma of picking whether the Texan team or the team of Oklahoma on college gameday as a headgear.

The game is set to be held on Saturday, 9th October 2021, where the Texan Longhorns compete with their rival Oklahoma Sooners.

The fans commonly interpreted this rivalry between these two college football teams as a red river rivalry.

Likewise, Lee has been revealing his pick by donning a team’s headgear generally at the end of every show since the 1996 gameday.

He usually does this by sporting the head of the mascot, which represents the respective football teams.

Is Lee Corso Sick? His Current Health Status Explored 

No, Lee Corso is not sick, and he is in excellent health right now, as we came to know from our research.

He was away from the College Gameday for last season under the covid-19 concerns but was available through online broadcasting.

People have been guessing and showing concern about his health conditions and other relevant issues as he is turning old along with the time.

As of now, he has returned to the gameday to present his pick as headgear and his predictions usually come true.

How Old Is Lee Corso? Age Details 

Lee Corso is currently 86 years old, and even at this age, he is seen actively passionate about football.

He was born on 7th August 1935 in Cicero, Illinois, in the United States and but possesses Italian descent as his parents were from there.

Similarly, he is the son of Alessandro and Irma Corso, who were Italian immigrants who came to the US in their teenage and settled there.

Around the age of 10, he came to Miami along with his parents and did his high schooling, from where the interest in football started.

Lee Corso On Wikipedia

We can find about Lee Corso on Wikipedia and get to know about his bio through it too.

During his active career days, he built up an experience of coaching college students and working under the head coach position.

After that, he was invited by ESPN for broadcasting and analyzing the college gameday. A few years later, he started ending every weekly show with his mascot headgear prediction.

This has been popular among his vast fans and followers, although he is not available on any social media platforms.