Where Is Mark Selby From? His Family Life Explored

Where Is Mark Selby From? His Family Life Explored

Where is Mark Selby From? The snooker player is from Leicester, England.

Selby is a professional snooker player. He is currently on the lead against Shaun Murphy on the World Snooker Championship 2021. The same title, which Mark has already won three times. 

Where Does Mark Selby Live? Explore His House 

Mark Selby is from Leicester, England and his house is still located in his birth city.

He is one of the richest snooker players in the world. It is estimated that Mark Selby’s net worth is £4,400,00 pound. Moreover, reports suggest that Mark Selby has a huge house with a swimming pool. 

As a native of the city, Selby’s nickname is “The Jester from Leicester”.  He is a three-time world champion snooker player (2014, 2016, 2017). He has ranked as no 1 player in the world 6 times. 

Does Mark Selby Have Any Children?

Mark Selby’s daughter is Sofia Maria Selby.

In 2014, Mark announced the birth of his first child. Since then, both his daughter and spouse make regular appearances at his games. 

In 1998, Mark Selby won the England under-15 snooker championship. After ten years, he took the title of his first major tournament in Wembly. Moreover, Mark Selby won his first World Championship in 2014. 

Meet His Wife and Family 

Mark Selby’s wife is Vikki Layton.

Vikki and Mark share the same passion for snooker and pool. In fact, Layton is a former international pool player from Ireland. The couple got engaged in 2010. Less than a year, a big wedding was held in Mexico in May of 2011.

Mark Selby’s family includes his parents: Shirley Selby and David Selby

The snooker player was born on June 19, 1983. Mark Selby’s age is 37 years old. As an early pool enthusiast, Selby was already playing snooker by the age of 9 years old. Unfortunately, his father passed away when Mark was just 16 years old.

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