Where Is Maurielle Lue?

Lue is on a well-deserved vacation in Bali, Indonesia, according to an Instagram photo by the Fox 2 anchor.

Lue shared a photo of herself in a one-piece red bathing suit resting on the edge of a crystal-blue pool on Monday, October 19.

"GVO [Good Vibes Only]" was Lue's simple caption for the photo.

Fans used the occasion to convey their good wishes to the anchor. "Enjoy, Bali girl!" said one user. You've earned it!"

"Your trip to Bali seems great," said another. "I like all of your photos from there."

What Happened To Maurielle Lue On Channel 2 Fox News?

On July 21, 2020, Lue revealed on her Twitter account that she was dealing with a health issue that she had been neglecting for a long time.

She did not eat a balanced diet and did not get enough sleep because her concentration was focused on her work.

She lost roughly 20 pounds as a result. Her health has stabilized, which is a good thing.

Lue did not take a vacation; instead, her health was failing; thus, she was on medical leave.

She was also ignoring her migraines, panic attacks, and the fact that she was not eating.

Her health, on the other hand, is in good shape as of July 2020.

Why Is Maurielle Lue Not In The Studio?

Maurielle Lue is back at home and healing, but she's also ready to share her experience of contracting COVID-19 in March and spending ten days in seclusion before seeking medical care.

It's a good thing she did, too. On Thursday, Maurielle spoke with Huel Perkins for Let it Rip about the fight of her life, which she won.

However, she emphasizes the importance of others her age not letting their guard down since this infection was, to put it mildly, horrifying.

Maurielle and Huel had been talking throughout the previous few weeks as she battled the sickness. She's ready to chat now that she's back at home.