Who Is Whitey Basson Wife? Everything To Know About The Family Of The South African Businessman

Who Is Whitey Basson Wife? Everything To Know About The Family Of The South African Businessman

Whitey Basson’s wife hasn’t been disclosed yet on social media. Scroll down to find everything about Whitey Basson Daughters Wedding details.

Whitey Basson’s real name is James Wellwood who was born on 8 January 1946. He is a South African businessman who focuses on growing a small business. 

He is the owner of the organization called “Shoprite”. But, Basson has already retired as the Managing Director and Chief of Executive of Shoprite on December 31, 2016.

Whitey Basson Wife

The name of Whitey Basson’s wife is not recorded on social websites.

It is clear that he is a married man and he has four children. His kids are Adrian Basson (Born 1976), Mari Basson (1981), Cornell Basson (1983), Nikki Basson (1974).

Similarly, his parents are Jack and Maude Basson. As for his life partner, the internet sources could not get a name for now.

Probably, they are divorced or he hasn’t mentioned her. He once mentioned that he has no intention to marry a second time. That resembles that he is single and divorce. Thus, he is private about his marital life.

He completed his primary schooling in Porterville and secondary schooling at Rondebosch Boys’ High School.

Whitey Basson Net Worth

Whitey Basson’s net worth is estimated to be more than $5 million as per his company’s status and his experience details.

As of 2016, his salary was R100, 1 million along with an R50 million bonus. He was the Managing Director and Chief Executive of Shoprite Holdings Ltd. He sold 8,58 million Shoprite shares at R1,8 billion on 5 May 2017.

He had lots of shares during his working time So, he must have gathered enough money.

Whitey was active in trading and wanted to build up employment opportunities for South African people.

He believes in entrepreneurship rather than a job. Therefore, he became a positive influence upon the youth to involve in entrepreneurial activities.

Whitey Basson Daughter Wedding Details

Whitey Basson’s Daughter Wedding was inspired by SARIE BRUID.

According to SARIE BRUID, they had inspired brides-to-be with 16 spectacular real weddings including Mari Basson. Mari Basson is the daughter of Whitey Basson, owner of Shoprite.

They had bumper competition valued at around R 200,000 and lots of tips, trends, and ideas.

Since he is a businessman, he might have arranged his daughter’s wedding in a lavish way. They might have reception parties and many more. Further, there is a lack of his daughter’s wedding details. Hope his daughter has a beautiful and successful married life ahead.