Who Are Alyssa Ellman And Chris Collette?

Alyssa Ellman And Chris Collette are the MAFS couple who went to the show in search of their life partners.

Ellman is an animal activist who works every day to help and rescue the dogs in need.

She has been helping all kinds of dogs for over a decade now, and recently she started her nonprofit organization to help needy dogs.

Similarly, Collette is a businessman who works in the real estate industry as per Soapdirt.

He is a hopelessly romantic person who also owns a dog.

So, that might hint at similar interests and bring the couple together.

We are certain that the fans will be hoping the same for them as well.

Alyssa Ellman Age And Instagram

Alyssa Ellman is a 30-year-old woman based in the city of Boston.

She was born in 1991 in the United States but her exact birthdate is undisclosed at the moment.

Growing up in a healthy environment, Ellman discovered her love for animals, especially dogs, at an early age and has devoted herself to helping them since then.

Talking about her social media, an Instagram account with the username @alyssa_elman can be found on the platform which we believe belongs to the lady.

We can't confirm it since she has kept it private.

Chris Collette Age And Instagram

The MAFS member Chris Collette's age is 35 years old.

He was born around 1986 in the United States while his birthday also remains unknown at the time of writing.

Chris is available on Instagram under the handle @colletterealty and is pretty active on the platform.

His account has over 1100 followers at the moment and has made more than 650 posts.

Alyssa Ellman And Chris Collette Net Worth

As things stand, both Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette's net worth values are not confirmed.

The official sources are yet to post their valuation. But we can expect Elyssa to have around a few hundred thousand in wealth.

On the other hand, Collette, as a real estate investor, might have a couple of millions.