Daunte Wright Parents

Daunte Wright was a 20 years old biracial man who lived in Minneapolis after recently moving there from Chicago.

Therefore, he has a girlfriend and also shares two years of a child with his girlfriend.

He was born to the parents Aubrey and Katie Wright. He was the son of an African-American father and a white mother.

Wright's father said that his son had dropped out of high school about two years earlier due to a learning disability and that he had been working in retail and fast-food jobs to support his son.

Who Are Aubrey And Katie Wright?

Aubrey and Katie Wright are the loving parents of late Daunte Wright. On April 13, 2021, Aubrey and Katie wright speak out about the Justice they want for their beloved son.

Police officer Kim Potter killed their son. Still, his father, Daunte Wright, said in "Good Morning America" news channel that he can't accept the Brooklyn Centre police chief's explanation that an officer accidentally shot 20 year old when she meant to use a Taser on him.

However, Aubrey wright, the mother of Daunte wright, still does not accept that he had lost his son and his son will never come back to the truth. 

According to the source, the officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, Kim Petter has resigned after a few days of the incident.

Though she had been working with Brooklyn Center for 26years.

So sad to know that the parents of Daunte wright are still in shock of losing their son.