Who Is Alain Vigneault Wife? 

A Canadian professional coach does not much talk about his romantic relationship. At present, he is single and does not have a wife. 

However, he was previously married to his ex-girlfriend Josee. The couple even has two beautiful daughters together.  

Regardless of his past relationship with his ex-wife, Alain has not mentioned anything about her. It appears like the couple does not remain in much contact after their separation. 

Josee trained at Montreal University and even studied literature and the French language. Further, she has also enrolled at the University of Sherbrooke in School administration.   

At present, she is working as the primary school director. Her relationship status is not available at the moment. 

Alain Vigneault - Meet Daughters Janie And Andreane Vigneault

Alain's daughters Janie and Andreane are living with Josee, his wife. They both seem to have grown into a beautiful women.

His daughter Andreane is in her early 30s. She completed her education at the Universite Laval.

She is the firstborn and is mainly known for being the spitting image of her mother, Josse. As for her sister, Janie, who is in her late 20s, she completed her education at Concordia University. 

Alain and his daughters often meet with each other having the best father and daughter moment. 

Alain Vigneault Salary In 2021

Alain started his coaching career at Flyers in 2019. He has a contract with the team till the 2023-24 NHL season. 

As per the contract, his salary was $5 million per year. Nevertheless, with the eight straight losses, the head coach got fired. 

Before losing his position, Alain's salary in 2021 was $5 million. But, for now, his earnings have remained a bit vague. 

Moreover, he has been a notable coach with excellent career history. But, Alain has not yet mentioned his plans hereafter.