Who Is Andrew Cross? Man Arrested For Firing In Drake Party

Who Is Andrew Cross? Man Arrested For Firing In Drake Party

Who Is Andrew Cross? Andrew is a Brixton guy who was arrested after firing a gun near Drake’s party. Find in detail about the case and the arrested guy here. 

A guy fired a gun near the party of famous singer and musician Drake. The police have arrested the guy, and he is in interrogation currently. Drake was reportedly at a gathering at the Rosewood Hotel in the early hours of Saturday.

The officials were called at the location shortly before 4 am on Saturday to report the gun firing near them, where rapper Drake was also present. Up to now, it is unclear that how many shots were fired and the injury count.

The event at the hotel was an after-party following Drake’s appearance. Police arrested the shooting guy on Sunday.

Who Is Andrew Cross? His Age

Andrew Cross is a 38 years old guy who was arrested on Sunday on the charge of firing a gun after the Drakes party. This incident was reported near the Rosewood London Hotel, High Holborn, on Saturday.

And, the officers were informed around 03:56 in the morning following the reports of discharge of a firearm. After the incident, news of Andrew is trending on the social media platform. 

Also, Camden Police updated the news by their official Twitter handle saying; Andrew Cross, 38, from #Greenwich, will appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court today charged with firearms offenses.

The shooter is 38 years old by age.

Andrew Cross Wikipedia

Andrew is not featured on the Wikipedia page. 

He is not a very popular guy, just an ordinary person who came in the news after a gun firing near Drake’s party. The officials arrest him on a Sunday morning on the charges of shooting.

As per reports, he is currently in interrogation, and officials have kept him in jail.

Up to now, the reason behind shootings is not made public. Keep in touch to know the reason for the shooting; we will update you once the information is revealed.

Is He On Facebook?

Andrew Cross might or might not be on the social media platform Facebook. 

But, with the lack of his information and photo, we cannot locate him on social media handles. But, his activity is seriously being discussed on the social media platform Facebook and Twitter. 

His personal details, including his personal life, are yet to be disclosed. And, we are unknown if he is married or not. So, we don’t know if he has got a wife, girlfriend, or is single.

Andrew Cross Arrested

Andrew Cross has been arrested on the charge of the gun shooting near the Drakes’ party. 

He was arrested on Sunday morning and is currently in interrogation. More than that, we are unknown as more information is yet to be revealed. Injuries and wounded individuals are also not revealed. 

So, it seems the party injured no one. However, we are yet to track the news if someone near the place was injured.