Captain Puffy Previous Relationships

The 22-year-old has not shared anything about her previous relationships except for her current fiance. 

She first confirmed their relationship back in 2019 in a live Twitch stream. However, Cara is yet to introduce her boyfriend to her fans. 

Now that the couple is engaged, they probably have wedding plans in the back of their mind. The date is not set yet though.  

Meet her fiance on Instagram

Captain Puffy's fiance doesn't have an Instagram account that we know of until now.  

Neither has he appeared on any photos of Cara's Instagram account. The Minecraft streamer has more than 165k followers on her Instagram handle. Not so active on the platform, Captain Puffy has made just 26 posts.

Who Is Captain Puffy Engaged To? Everything on her new fiance

Captian Puffy got engaged to her boyfriend after dating for a few years as she mentioned. 

However, she is yet to reveal his name and face to her fans. The Twitch streamer has been very much interactive with her fans ever since she started streaming but she won't let them know about her mysterious fiance just yet. 

Surprisingly, they have been engaged for more than 6 months now but the fans are just picking pieces. She uploaded a photo with the caption "I said Yesss" back in September 2020.