Who Is Carter Bremseth?

According to the school sources, Carter Bremseth was a son, a community member and an outstanding high school student. He was active in the social programmes through school and local community centres. 

The City of Olivia has decided to reflect collective grief over the death of a BOLD High School student on Sunday night.

Carter Bremseth exact age is not published yet. However, as a high school sophomore student, he must be between 18-22. 

Superintendent of School Jim Menton informed families within the area on Monday of the passing of Carter Bremseth and closed the school for two hours so that other staff members could come early to prepare for the mourning ceremony. 

Furthermore, Menton said that he is obliged to the Olivia community for their exceptional support to the staff and school members.

Death And Obituary: How Did Carter Bremseth Die?

The death of young soul Carter Bremseth has been announced officially. However, the exact cause of death of high school students is still in a haze. 

The Olivia police department has not been notified of any unusual accident near the city. Nevertheless, the City of Olivia expressed in its announcement that the chairman had counselled with representative Tim Walz's office to lower the flag until the burial service is over. 

The declaration said it is time to be with family and companions. It is high time to be together as a family and stand with them at the lowest time of life. 

The city will practice in a semi-working state until the mourning is seized.