Chris Habiyakare Wikipedia - Melbourne Rapper Shot To Death

Chris Habiyakare does not have a Wikipedia page; however, various online sources have written articles about him.

When Habiyakare was young, he had several run-ins with the police, which terrified his parents.

His father feared that his son would die as a result of his drug addiction.

However, the rapper quickly recognized he was on the wrong road and worked hard to rehabilitate when he died unexpectedly.

Chris Habiyakare Age Revealed

Chris Habiyakare was 24 years of age this year.

The rapper is of AfricanAustralian ethnicity.

Habiyakare composed a song about his first love, who did not reciprocate his sentiments. He wrote a 16-bar poem in less than thirty minutes.

His hits are Floating, Viral Freestyle, Grind Don't Lie, Life Is Good, Skillz, and more.

He was born in a refugee camp, according to reports. Belthrand Habiyakare is his father's name.

In 2007, he and his family moved to Australia. He was a great rap music lover who would regularly videotape himself doing it. 

Chris Habiyakare Net Worth Explored

Chris Habiyakare was a rapper which makes his net worth much more than what we can assume. 

As he has been in the music industry for about ten years, it is safe to say that the rapper made a handsome amount through the industry.

He owned a house which makes it evident that he was rich.

May the rapper's soul get justice!