Who Is Delrhonda Hood? Everything To Know About The Renowned Big Fifty Gangster And Drug Lord

Who Is Delrhonda Hood? Everything To Know About The Renowned Big Fifty Gangster And Drug Lord

Delrhonda Hood aka Big Fifty is the notorious drug lord whose actual net worth was most probably more than $30-40 million. Find about her personal life and documentary in this article.

Delrhonda Hood is an American lady Gangster and Drug Lord from Detroit. She was mainly known as Big Fifty for her size, the name was given by her partner to her as seen in the trailer of her documentary.

She has been famous for her work such as fraud, drug trafficking, and gun possession. Big Fifty was involved in all kinds of illegal activities that were held in Detroit. She runs every hustle imaginable to become one of Motor City’s most legendary Queenpins.

Delrhonda was named as a drug Queen, as she owned her look and the streets during her rule. Her friends and people say that she has lived up to her name “Big Fifty” as she has done something big in her life, whether it was legal or illegal.

Big Fifty: How Much Is Delrhonda Hood Net Worth?

Delrhonda Hood aka Big Fifty’s net worth is estimated to be more than $30 million – $40 million.

However, her actual net worth is yet to be confirmed by the official sources. Neither, she herself nor any other official sites have revealed her exact fortune.

She was a lady gangster who was very known for her different illegal businesses and gun possession.

Drug trafficking was her main source of income as we can also see in her documentary. She was never short with money as she was earning millions through her illegal business and have always lived with a lifestyle. 

Who Is Delrhonda Hood? Wikipedia And Bio Explored

Delrhonda Hood is an American Gangster and Drug Lord from Detroit who doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio page.

She had the nickname Big Fifty which was given by her partner to her for looking at her figure. The People and friends who knew her, say that she had lived up to that name as she surely did many big things in her life. 

Hood was a drug mafia in Detroit and was involved in various other illegal activities such as fraud and gun possession.

Later, Hood was sentenced for her unlawful activities for two years from 2013 to 2015. Thus, she went from running her own drug empire in Detroit to finding redemption.

She was born on 28th October 1965 and is currently 55 years old lady. 

Big Fifty AKA Delrhonda Hood Story And Documentary Details

Big Fifty AKA Delrhonda Hood story will be released in her documentary, “American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty The Delrhonda Hood Story”.

It is a BET+ original film premiering on Thursday, September 30, on streaming channel BET+.

The trailer of the documentary has been liked by many of the viewers whereas some of the viewers also have poured negative comments.

Remy Ma is the actress who is gonna play the role of Delrhonda Hood in the documentary and has been up to the mark as seen in the trailer. 

American Gangster: Trap Queens has also shown her biography in the 2nd episode, Delrhonda ‘Big Fifty’ Hood of their series.

The episode aired on the 17th of October in 2019. Those viewers who have seen the episode are excited about her upcoming documentary.