Who Is Javi Elizonndro On Ozark Played By Alfonso Herrera?

Javi Elizonndro is a character on Ozark played by Alfonso Herrera. He is a nephew of Omar Navarro, the cartel boss. Herrera described his character in Ozark as a guy who has bigger dreams and has a keen understanding of business as he has a college degree. 

His first (and only) chat with Marty is about assassinating Darlene Snell as soon as possible, and things only get worse from there. In the series, Javi claims to have business in Chicago and visits Marty in the Ozarks for a few days to assess his activities.

He Javi turns up one night at the Byrde family house with the Sheriff Nix's body in the back of his car, claiming to have "fixed" Marty's issue. Javi's assassination of Sheriff Nix is so heinous that even Navarro is enraged and punches his nephew for his actions.

On the other hand, the cartel leader is afraid of Javi and is well aware that his crazy nephew is plotting to grab control and overthrow him.

Javi's actions get even wilder near the end of season 4, part 1. Frustrated by the FBI seizing his supplies, he detonates a bomb in one of his trucks, killing many federal officials. Moreover, he also kills Darlene and Wyatt. 

Omar Navarro Nephew, Javi Elizonndro New Cartel Boss

Omar Navarro announces his nephew, Javi Elizonndro as a new cartel leader before meeting with the FBI. However, it was a plot set by Navarro.

He intends to inform the FBI of everything, causing Javi to take the fall while he enjoys protection from prosecution. But, on the other hand, the FBI officers have other ideas and modify the contract.

They offer him to continue his duty as a cartel leader, but he must act as the secret FBI informant. However, Agent Miller had to publicly arrest him because of pressures from her superiors which messed up their agreement. 

Later, they offer the same deal to the new cartel leader, Javi, who happily agrees to it. However, the FBI probably has some other plans, and they have a way to get him arrested as well.