Who Is Jessica Peris Husband Or Partner? Find More About Nova Peris’ Daughter

Who Is Jessica Peris Husband Or Partner? Find More About Nova Peris’ Daughter

Who is Jessica Peris’s husband or partner? Well, Peris’s partner is Jah Coe. Let’s explore everything about the Nova Peris Daughter, Jessica, in the following article.

Jessica’s mother is a former Senator and Olympic gold medalist. She was in the spotlight because of her involvement in a drug scandal in 2018. 

Though she has denied all the allegations against her, she was tested positive and withdrawn from the Commonwealth Games selection trial.

She is an athlete of Australia who is currently involved in SAS Austalia. In 2019, she had taken an overdose of sleeping pills and was rushed to the hospital.

Jessica Peris Husband Or Partner

Jessica Peris’s partner was Jah Coe. 

But their relationship ended in 2012. They have a son named Isaac Peris-Coe.  Currently, she is having relation with Nathan.

She lives in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, along with her son.

Jessica Peris’s Son Isaac Peris-Coe

Jessica Preris has a son named Issac Peris, along with her partner Jah Coe.

Her son is currently 12 years old. He is extremely talented and has much potential, according to her mother. Jessica’s love for his son is really commendable. She loves him so much.

She believes that he has so much potential and is talented too. 

She exposed that she will be with her son in every step of his life and always be supportive. Her son also gets inspiration from his mother and is preparing to get entrance in sports.

Jessica Peris on Wikipedia

Jessica does not have an article on Wikipedia.

Though we can gather some information regarding her life, she is the daughter of Nova Peris, who was known as an Olympic Gold medalist in 1996. Her mother is an Aboriginal Australian by ethnicity and is a former politician too.

Her father, Sean Kneebone, with whom her mother was married first. Her mother married thrice, and she is the eldest child.

She was born in 1990, but the actual date is March 5. She was prohibited during a training session after she tested positive on the drug test. She was banned for 4 years.

She ran big PBs of 11.63 and 23.31 in Brisbane on 3 Dec 2017. It is reported that she had attempted suicide two years ago. 

Her Net Worth Details

Peris’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million- $ 2 million.

Though it is unclear, she must have accumulated huge money through sports. Find her on her Twitter account @jessica_preis.


Jessica Peris Nationality 

Jessica is Australian by Nationality.

She was born in Darwin, Northern Territory.