Who Is Jon Reyes Wife Cynthia Reyes? And Their Kids

Jon Reyes's wife Cynthia Reyes is a nurse. At the present, amidst the pandemic, she is working in the front-line providing services to Covid patients. She came into the public view after she was seen shoveling snow after her 12- hour shift on Jon's tweet.

The couple has two beautiful children, one daughter, and one son. The son is Miguel and the daughter is Reyna. The couple lives together with their children.

Jon's government is heavily criticized for its lack of sensitivity toward front-line workers; on top of that, posting his wife struggling on snow after 12-hour duty has infuriated many people.

Jon Reyes Wikipedia - How Old Is He?

Jon Reyes's age is probably around his 40s. The accurate information about his age is publicly unavailable; however, his age is certainly in his late 30s or in somewhere in his 40s.

Reyes has been involved in various things over the decades of his career. He has also served in Canadian Military Services for ten years where he received the Special Services Medal (NATO).

Reyes is also a businessman and has run two businesses for over 15 years. He is also a founder and the first president of Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC), established in 2010.

Jon Reyes Net Worth

Jon Reyes's net worth is estimated to be more than 1 million dollars. He garnered his wealth from the various sources he was involved with over time in his career.

His career as a politician has a big influence on his worth; however, that is not the only factor because he has also owned successful businesses which also has a big impact on his wealth.

On top of his income, his wife is also earning woman, so Jon and his family make a fortune. Hence, they live a very comfortable life with their family.

Jon Reyes Twitter Controversy - What happened actually?

On Twitter, Jon posted a picture of his wife, Cynthia, shoveling snow on the drive-thru of their house. In his caption, he wrote that his wife is still energetic to shovel snow after a 12-hour shift as a front-line health worker.

People on Twitter were triggered to see his wife struggling after 12-hour duty while her husband sitting inside the house clicking picture. They started to chastise him.

Jon meme started to circulate and many international media started to write news mocking him for his tweet and unhelpful attitude toward his wife.