Who Is Jordan Ayew Wife Denise Acquah? Everything To Know About The Footballer

Who Is Jordan Ayew Wife Denise Acquah? Everything To Know About The Footballer

Jordan Ayew is a footballer from Ghana who is happily married to his wife Denise Acquah. Learn more about the guy who made it to the 2022 qualifiers below.

Jordan Ayew is a football player from Ghana who plays both nationally and internationally.

He plays for the club Crystal Palace and Ghana National Football Team. Ayew plays from the forward position. 

Fortunately, Jordan Ayew was chosen to play in the 2022 world cup qualifiers happening soon. This is important news as Jordan is not doing well as an athlete in his matches.

His contract with Crystal Palace is too soon about to end

Who Is Jordan Ayew Wife Denise Acquah?

Jordan Ayew is married to his wife Denise Acquah for more than 5 years.

The husband-wife couple is parents to two children. The youngest one was born only a couple of years ago. Ironically, the wife of Denise does not share the same interest as her husband professionally.

Similarly, Denise is an entrepreneur who runs a local home decor company, Kira Living. She runs her business nationally in Ghana.

Denise was last seen in a public appearance with Jordan at her 30th birthday celebration.

Jordan Ayew Parents

Jordan Ayew was brought up by football athlete parents. His father, Abedi Ayew was also a professional football player.

Jordan’s mother Maha Ayew is a local singer. Jordan’s father was regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation. He was also the captain of the Ghana national team.

He even made his way to UEFA Champions League, winning in 1993. He is also nicknamed Abedi Pele which later became his preferred name. Jordan also has two brothers Andre, Rahmi and a sister Imrani. The brothers also play football professionally.

All of the brothers represented Ghana in the world cup. Besides his own parents and family, his uncles Kwame and Sola are also professional football players.

Jordan Ayew Nationality And Net Worth

Jordan Ayew is of Ghana nationality and holds a net worth of $8 million as estimated by Glusea.

Jordan also has a slightly mixed nationality of Lebanese. Jordan’s maternal grandfather is of Lebanon making him partially Lebanese.

The net worth is not truly a surprise as he also played for few European teams Marseille, Aston Villa and so on. To date, he scored 74 goals. Although Jordan’s net worth could fluctuate as there is no guarantee for his contract extension.

Crystal Palace usually discontinues senior football players to bring in fresh and young players.