Who Is Jordan Cheyenne? Meet Her Son – Exploitation Story Explained

Who Is Jordan Cheyenne? Meet Her Son – Exploitation Story Explained

Who Is Jordan Cheyenne? Jordan is a vlogger and single mother from California. Recently, she was slammed for exploiting her son’s trauma video goes viral on the internet. Find in detail about the case.

YouTuber Cheyenne’s video has gone viral on Twitter, inciting an instant retaliation. But, after that, she rapidly detached the video and uploaded another apologizing video for her activities involving her son. Also, she has talked about her upcoming social media content.

She is brutally condemned after an uncensored class of one of her videos manifesting her son’s crying went viral. 

The Twitter users have criticized her for trying to gain the primacy of her son’s feelings and to operate other incidents from her life to obtain sympathy. 

Who Is Jordan Cheyenne?

Jordan Cheyenne is a vlogger and a single mother based in California. 

Currently, she has more than 536k subscribers on her YouTube channel, and she mostly shares vlogs of her personal life and fitness. It has been eight years since she started to upload videos on YouTube.

Also, she has her own website, and she has described herself as an Instagram Growth Coach plus Social Media Influencer. 

She is an influencer who helps women to grow an organic online following and monetize their social media. Also, she has helped over 1280 students to grow their social community.

Jordan has revealed on her website that she has gone from “being over $40,000 in debt to now running a successful company that has reached over $500,000 in revenue.” However, her actual net worth remains unknown.

Her Son – What Did She Do?

Jordan Cheyenne has recently been in controversy for taking advantage of her son’s emotion and using other events from her life to gain sympathy. 

She often shares vlogs on her YouTube channel, and like the other days, she has shared a vlog where she discusses adopting a new puppy who had contracted parvovirus.

And, with emotion, she explained that if the dog would survive.

But, accidentally, at the last of the video, she included a clip of her motivating her son to pose with her for a thumbnail. Although she removed the video as quickly as possible, people are always waiting for a chance. The video was screen recorded and uploaded on Twitter and currently has more than 1.4M views.

After that, she quickly uploaded a video with the title; I am immensely disappointed in myself [sic]”, apologizing for her activity that has since been deleted.

Exploiting Son’s Trauma Explained

At the end of the video, Jordan had unintentionally included a clip of her inspiring her son to pose with her for a thumbnail.

Directing him, she said: “Come closer, put your head right here. Act like you’re crying.”

He responded, “I am crying,” as she continued to instruct him to position his face and hands.

But, currently, her Instagram seems to be deactivated or deleted, and there are no videos on her YouTube channel.