Who Is Justice Der? The Canadian Musicians Age Girlfriend and Instagram

Who Is Justice Der? The Canadian Musicians Age Girlfriend and Instagram

Who is Justice Der? Der is known to be a musician who is especially associated with the guitar and producing songs. His fans are eager to learn more about him, so here is everything you want to know about the musician.

Although Justice Der may be a new name in the field of the music industry, some of his songs are already winning the hearts of many people.

The musician is located in Toronto and he is one of the members of the group named Calls More which contains other members like Rachel Bobbitt and Marley Pitch.

Musician Justice Der Age Revealed

Sadly, the age and birthday of the musician have not been revealed yet.

Likewise, he has not mentioned any details even on his social media platforms that relate to his birth details and age. By appearance, he seems to be in his 20s.

 He is one of the emerging young-aged talents that might be a big name in the music industry.

Justice Der maybe not much popular and is not known by many people. He identifies himself as an independent guitarist who has produces many songs in his career.

Does Justice Der Have A Girlfriend?

We are unknown if Justice Der has a girlfriend or is single at the moment.

There is no evidence to prove that the musician is dating at the moment. There are no rumors about his affairs at present and even in the past as well.

The musician and producer have kept his privatized from the public and are not seen on interviews as well.

But this does not change the fact that he entertains a lot of people through his music. He is currently gaining a lot of fans.

Justice Der Family Details

Justice was raised by his family in Canada.

His parents and family members like his music and describe them as an instant source of coolness and tranquility.

Justice has dedicated a couple of songs from his album to his family who has always supported him throughout his journey.

He started playing instruments over a decade ago in his home and now he made a unique sound that he uses in creating his most popular music.

Connect With Justice Der On Instagram

Justice uses Instagram to connect with his fans and followers.

He goes by the username @justice_der in his Instagram account. The musician has gained more than 22k followers.

However, he does not seem to be much active on the platform as he has only made 4 posts to this day.

 He has categorized his account as a musician. His first post is on October 2020 and his latest post is about his album promotion.