Who Is Kruze Tangira? Everything To Know About The NZ Netball Team Captain

Who Is Kruze Tangira? Everything To Know About The NZ Netball Team Captain

Find out how netball saved the life of the captain of the New Zealand Men’s Netball national team. Get the details of his age, height, and Instagram below

Kruze Tangira is an actor and an athlete known as the captain of Men’s Netball New Zealand or Aotearoa Men’s.

A couple of days ago,  Aotearoa Men’s team was denied access to travel for their match against Silver Ferns. The reason for their denial was that the players did not have travel exemptions to leave the level 3 region imposed by COVID control measures.

Although all the players were tested COVID-19 negative, they were denied. The news took a hit on New Zealand’s media as the match was an important one, especially for the Aotearoas. The full story is available on Stuff NZ

Who Is Kruze Tangira? Wiki Details 

Kruze Tangira is a multi-talented person with success both in acting and sports.

Tangira started playing netball from the age of 6 but was soon told that he could not play anymore. Reason being that netball was mostly played by women. However, at the age of 16, he discovered Men’s netball.

Since then, it revived a hope to play netball in young Kruze’s heart. Quickly, he got recognized to get into the national team of New Zealand.

Besides sports, he is also a victorious lucky. He completed his studies in Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts at the Unitec Institute of Technology.

Some of Tangira’s known works are What Now, When We Go to War, Descent from Disaster. He is also the presenter in Sky Sport broadcasted on Sky TV.

Kruze was also part of a few web series and theatre work while in college. He also appeared in the advertisement for Bell Tea and Bluebird.

Kruze Tangira Age Height 

Kruze Tangira lies somewhere in the age range 24-34 years old. Additionally, his height is exactly 6 feet high.

Although he does not look much tall, a height of 6 feet is natural for an athlete. Tangira is also quite a bulky man with a chest of 37 inches, 33-inch waist and 42-inch waist.

His physique is a result of his immense exercise routine and practicing sports from a very early age of 6.

Kruze Tangira Instagram

Kruze Tangira is active on Instagram at @kruzefrank.

Most of his posts are promotional posts of the brand Puma as he is the brand ambassador of Puma New Zealand.

We also get to see the occasional excursion life of Tangira outside his work.