Who Is LaSheena Weekly? FBG Duck Mother Name On Instagram And Details To Know

Who Is LaSheena Weekly? FBG Duck Mother Name On Instagram And Details To Know

LaSheena Weekly is the mother of FBG Duck, a member of the rap group ‘Fly Boys Gang, who reportedly got killed in August 2020. Read on to discover everything there is to know about FBG Duck Mother.

LaSheena Duck, the mother of FBG Duck, recently discussed regearing the current status of her son’s murder case.

The mother of Chicago’s underground star also shared her path of conquering emotional pain and using her speech to effect change in street violence.

Who Is FBG Duck Mom LaSheena Weekly? 

As mentioned above, LaSheena Weekly is the mother of the famous rapper FBG Duck. 

She’s the talk of the town after taking to social media to inform friends and followers that her son’s assailants had been apprehended.

She said, “The federal authorities just called to tell me that they had detained Muwop, C-Thang, and two other people. There are a total of five people detained.”

LaSheena Weekly Age

 LaSheena Weekly seems to be 50-60 years of age. 

Her son, Carlton Weekly, aka FBG Duck, was only 26 years old when he got murdered.

The Chicago-based rapper was shot to death on Chicago’s Northern Beaches on August 4. And the first commemoration of Duck’s murder serves as a sobering reminder that justice has yet to be served.

And LaSheena claims that Duck was murdered because even before his death, he knew he was in danger. He stayed in that area, however, because he knew anything bad would be documented here.

LaSheena Weekly Instagram Name  

The Instagram name of LaSheena Weekly is currently unknown. 

However, she had recently spoken to the realist podcast @str8dropuncut hosted by Bo Deal and Chella H. 

During the emotional interview, LaSheena discussed the support she received from Duck’s friends, as well as how she stays strong and continues to grow and prosper after losing her kids.

Speaking of her son Duck’s Instagram, he has a whopping 409k followers with just over 300 posts on Instagram.

 FBG Duck’s most recent posts were on July 22, 2020, when he shared a new song with fellow rapper Billy Black.

LaSheena Weekly Family Details

LaSheena Weekly and her family were all saddened by the death of her son FBG Duck.

However, They are on the verge of receiving justice now that the majority of the facts surrounding Duck’s death have been made public.

Momma Duck is relieved that the Chicago Police Department is still investigating his case and attempting to bring him to justice.

But the family of LaSheena was not always happy with the Mayor of Chicago’s phrasing and perception toward her son. On national television, he had labeled him as a well-known gangbanger.