Who Is LVRD Pharaoh aka Larry? Summer Walker Boyfriend

LVRD Pharaoh aka Larry is Summer Walker's new boyfriend, according to the rumors.

According to reports, Larry is actually an old boyfriend of hers. The couple reportedly was together before she rose to fame and they seem to have rekindled their romance since she is newly single.

Larry and Summer both shared a post on their Instagram stories where Larry went all out for his lady, giving rose petals, along with candles. The young couple seems to be content with each other, judging from their social media account. 

How Old Is The Rapper? 

The Rapper's age is probably between 25-30 years old, judging from his picture. 

His exact age and birthdate have not yet been revealed to the public. 

LVRD Pharaoh Instagram 

LVRD Pharaoh is active on Instagram under the handle @lvrdpharoh.

He opened his Instagram account in 2019 and he already has amassed 62.5K followers to date. 

Further, his Instagram feed has mostly pictures of himself and his girlfriend. 

LVRD Pharoah Net Worth Revealed 

LVRD Pharoah's net worth is yet to be revealed. 

His primary income comes from his profession as a rapper. However, he has not disclosed his salary and the financial details to the public as of now.

With that said, we believe that Rapper earns a hefty amount of income. 

LVRD Pharaoh Face Tattoo 

Recently, Larry and his girlfriend Summer got tattoos of each other names on their faces.

The couple has shared their pictures on their Instagram handle too with the caption "Bestfriend".  Meanwhile, Summer's fans did not feel that and rather commented saying she did not learn from her past relationship.