Who Is Mike Bobo Wife Lainie Meshad? 

Lainie Meshad was married to Mike Bobo way back in 1999. 

Lainie Meshad is the niece of Vince and Barbara Dooley.

The couple has been married for a very long time now, and together they have a total of about 5 children. 

As of now, Meshad has kept her family matter out of the reach of people in the media and public. 

She likes to be a private celebrity and is only seen when she is with her husband Mike. 

Lainie Meshad Age-How Old Is She? 

As of now, in 2021, Lainie Meshad's age is expected to be around 45-50 years old. 

Though her exact age is not yet been known, she is expected to be of the age around her husband. 

Lainie and Mike both were at the college at the same time and had almost the same age when they were married way back in 1999. 

Lainie Meshad Family Detials-Her Children's Detials

Lainie has a huge family with 5 children and one husband. 

She has been handling her family all her life since the marriage, and all of them seem to be very happy. 

The name of Lainie's five children is Drew, 10, triplets Olivia, Jake, and Ava Grace, 8; and Kate, 6.

She has received a triplet once in her lifetime and was very happy to have all her three children safe and sound. 

However, Lainie's parents' details are yet to be found in the media, as she is not an open personality to the public. 

So for now, her parents' details are yet to be found. 

What Is Lainie Meshad Net Worth? 

Lainie Meshad's net worth is expected to be in millions of dollars. 

She is the wife of one of the best players in football, and also one of the most anticipated coaches. 

Mike himself is a millionaire, and so does his wife.

Although there are no reports about her job or any other business she is running, she does have her husband's net worth. 

So we can say that she is a woman with a great amount of fortune, and net worth.