Who Is Nicho Hynes Partner Morgan Bellero?

Nicho Hynes is rumored to be in love with his partner, Morgan Bellero, according to an Instagram post.

He has posted a picture in which he was hugged by Morgan last year.

Morgan is reported to be a nurse and beauty entrepreneur. However, not much is known about her relationship with Hynes and his family.

Moreover, Hynes himself has not cleared the air surrounding his relationship with Morgan yet.

In the comments, when asked about his link with Morgan, Hynes had dazzled the netizens with his reply of 'Friends with Benefits.'

Aside from that, Hynes has not revealed his love life nor has introduced Morgan as his official girlfriend.

NRL Player Nicho Hynes Clarifies His Sexuality

Nicho Hynes, the star NRL player, has recently clarified his sexuality after his sexuality was questioned on his Instagram post.

On November 22, Hynes posted a picture with his friend, captioning 'my guy' with an emoji.

The caption created a commotion on his comment section, and netizens concluded that Hynes has come out as gay.

When the NRL player took notice of the buzz, he was quick to edit the caption to 'Best Mate' and gave clarification on his relationship with the man.

The man in his photo has been his best friend for his entire life, and Hynes even stated that his friend is committed to his girlfriend of eight years.

Hynes even added that he is not against the gay community and is very supportive of them.

At last, Hynes wrote to make sure that he is totally interested in women with emojis on the side, per news.com.au.

Follow Nicho Hynes On Instagram

Nicho Hynes is active on Instagram under the username @nichohynes_ with a verified tick on the side.

He has accumulated more than 58k followers with who he often shares his family moments and pictures from his games.

Needless to say, he has maintained a very appealing Instagram feed where he often causes his followers to go baffled on his life sooner or later.