Who Is Nikita Dragun? Did She Get Bottom Surgery?

Who Is Nikita Dragun? Did She Get Bottom Surgery?

Who Is Nikita Dragun? Nikita is a transgender woman from America. Find her personal life details, including her surgery and sexuality, here.

Nikita is a well-known model, YouTuber, and make-up artist from America. She is a trans woman who has been involved in many controversies over the past few years. 

Nikita has done her plastic surgery as she was born a boy but later, when she was a teen found out that she is a trans woman. We can find on her YouTube videos about her transaction, plastic surgery of her different body parts, and her other stuff.

In February 2013, she joined YouTube and started uploading various content; she currently has 3.65M subscribers on her YouTube channel. And, also she is a social media person who has followers in millions.

Who Is Nikita Dragun? Her Boyfriend

Nikita Dragun is a trans woman and is a successful model, make-up artist, and YouTuber. 

She has been involved in several controversies for her sexuality, plastic surgery of various body parts. In one of her videos on YouTube, she has said; she is addicted to plastic surgery and has later broken that addiction. 

Her hardest part in the transaction was hormone therapy which changed her body, being really critical of her appearance. 

As of now, we are unable to find if she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. She has never mentioned her partner on social media as well as in public.

Nikita Dragun Sexuality: Is She A Man Or Boy?

Nikita Dragun’s sexuality; she is a trans woman.

Her sexuality has been a disadvantage for her in some places of work and study and has also been an advantage for her job. 

Considering that, she was a boy previously, but when she got into a teen, she found out that she couldn’t be a man, she was a trans woman, and she completely changed her look through plastic surgery. 

Find Her Net Worth

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Nikita Dragun’s net worth is $3 million. 

She is a social media person with a huge fan following and also a model. Her YouTube channel has more than 3.5M subscribers, her Instagram handle is verified, and she has more than 9.1m adherents.  

Also, dynamic on TikTok, she has 14.2M followers with 251.6M likes on her overall TikTok videos, September 2021. So, her income must be huge as she is considered one of the most followed models in America.

Did She Get Bottom Surgery? 

Exactly, we are unknown that Nikita Dragun has got her bottom surgery or not.

But, in one of her YouTube videos, Have I Gotten THE Surgery…, she has said she had hormone therapy. She has done hormone therapy which replaces the body’s natural testosterone with estrogen. She is taking estrogen shots and testosterone blockers, as revealed in the video.

And, on her recent Insta post, she has shared a picture with a man thing on her as she was wearing a skin color suit. It may be to share her confidence that she has transformed into a trans woman.


not much has changed 😅

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As considered by her, she has done her brow bone and jaw being shaved, a nose job, and breast implants, which required another surgery to fix a complication with her breast tissue.