Cheating Allegation Explained

Reina Westberg accused NFL player Richard Sherman of being her son's future father.

The NFL player has declared that the model had cheating allegations on him as he declined to be the father of her baby. She also revealed that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also impregnated her best friend.

Sherman had a heated confrontation with the self-proclaimed model on Twitter. The truth on this case has been revealed yet. Meanwhile, Wilson and his wife Ciara are silent for the time being and have not yet commented publicly on the allegations.

Is She Pregnant With Russell Wilson Baby?

No, Reina is not pregnant with Rusell Wilson's baby.

However, she alleged Rusell to be the father of her best friend's child as she accused him of making his best friend pregnant.

Russell Wilson also joined the heated conversation, and it is now expected that both Wilson and Sherman will clear up the rumors surrounding them. In the meantime, internet users have given their support as they have been quick to respond to the allegations were made.

Reina Westberg's Instagram account is named @reina_westberg. She is barely active on the platform as she has only 12 posts.

Her account is not verified as well, and 33k followers currently follow her.

Who Is Reina Westberg?

Reina Westberg is an Instagram model and a social media influencer.

Westberg found her place on the internet after calling out several NFL players.

In addition, she claims that she was pregnant by one of the NFL players and, it is rumored that the father might be Richard Sherman.

The Instagram model is said to be in her 20s. However, the assumption is based solely on her appearance. Westberg is an American model who has not yet provided any information about her educational background.