Who Is Samantha Rodriguez? Everything About The Former Wife Of NBA Basketball Player Sebastian Telfair

Who Is Samantha Rodriguez? Everything About The Former Wife Of NBA Basketball Player Sebastian Telfair

Get to know the interesting life of the former wife of Sebastian Telfair, Samantha Rodriguez. Here is how much of her net worth is accountable to the public’s knowledge.

Samantha Rodriguez is a fashion designer most notably known as the wife of Sebastian Telfair.

Sebastian is an NBA player and a Chinese Basketball player as well. Telfair and other multiple players were recently charged with massive healthcare fraud.

The court ruled out the fraud price to be $4 million and among all the players, he was the biggest name to get fined.

This could have put his former wife Samantha on the radar as well. Here is more to the fraud story on Elite Sports NY.

Samantha Rodriguez: Sebastian Telfair Ex Wife

The NBA player Sebastian Telfair was married to his wife, Samantha Rodriguez a long time ago.

But due to personal circumstances, they decided to get a divorce, unfortunately.

However, both of them continued to ace in their respective field. Sebastian and his ex-wife thankfully did not have any children together making the divorce a lot easier than most couples.

Sebastian is currently single at the moment. Nevertheless, there is no assuring data regarding Rodriguez as she went out of the public spotlight after the marriage.

Samantha Rodriguez Age And Wikipedia

Samantha Rodriguez looks to be around the age of 30 to 35 inches comparing with her husband, Sebastian.

Sebastian is currently 36 years old making it a base to assume his wife, Samantha’s age.

Like any other athlete, he showed a lot of potential in playing basketball from a very early age. Thankfully, he got some great parents who allowed him to flourish in his own field.

Over the years, he got to play for some big national and international matches. However, all of these would not be possible if not for his encouragement from an early age.

Samantha Rodriguez Net Worth

There is no assertive information about the net worth of Samantha Rodriguez. But we can estimate her net worth from her previous marriage.

Sebastian Telfair has a net worth of $4 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. From her divorce, Rodriguez could have received a fair amount of net worth.

However, much of her net worth comes from her fair share of work in fashion design. She is also currently out of touch with any social media platforms making the assumptions more perplexed regarding her net worth.