Who Is Shamima Begum? The Denaturalised British Born Woman’s Parents and Children Updates

Who Is Shamima Begum? The Denaturalised British Born Woman’s Parents and Children Updates

Shamima Begum’s husband is a Dutch recruit and father of her children. Find her recent ongoing case and how did she lose her UK citizenship.

Shamima is a denaturalized British-born woman. She left the UK at the young age of 15 to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria.

Also, she is known as one of the three schoolgirls from East London who traveled to Syria and supported the Islamic State group in 2015 February. But, she was born in the UK to her Bangladeshi heritage parents.

Recently, news has been released by Supreme Court that she will not be granted to return to the UK to contest the decision to remove her citizenship.

Currently, she has urged the British government and their citizens to forgive her and let her prove that she didn’t plot IS attacks.

Shamima Begum Husband And Children: Is He Married? 

Yes, Shamima Begum is married to a Dutch recruit. 

But, her husband’s name and other information about him are not found on the internet and other news and media. She has had a child with him, but the baby later died of pneumonia. 

Begum said that; she had lost two other children previously.  

She was found pregnant and a few days away to give birth to her child in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019 February. However, who is the father of the children is not known to date?  

And, her partner details are not found lately. 

Shamima Begum Age: How Old Is She?

Shamima Begum’s current age is 21 years old- as of 2021. 

However, her other birth-related details and her birthday is not known. She was 15 years of age when she left the UK and joined the Islamic State in Syria.

She was born in the UK, but her citizenship has been removed recently. 

Shamima Begum Wikipedia

Shamima does her have own Wikipedia bio page. 

She left the UK at the age of 15 years old in 2015 to join the Islamic State in Syria. And, she intended to return to the UK in 2019, but her intention resulted in public debate.

So, in February 2019, the British government announced an order denying her British citizenship and later asserted that she would never be allowed to return to the country.

After being found on the Syrian refugee camp, the then secretary, Sajid Javid, canceled her British citizenship on security grounds. And, the reason to take down her appeal is that she could not do so from a dangerous camp in northern Syria.

One of the girls, Kadiza Sultana, who traveled to Syria in 2015, was reportedly killed in a bombing raid. But, the third one, Amira Abase’s details are unknown.

Shamima Begum Parents And Family Members

Shamima was born to her parents of Bangladeshi heritage. 

She was married to a Dutch recruit when she traveled via Turkey to IS headquarters in Raqqa. He was the father of her children, but they didn’t survive and died for various reasons.

More than that, we are unknown about her parents and family members.