Who Is Tiffany Bowen From Baywatch?

Tiffany Bowen is an actress who is most popularly known for her appearance in Baywatch, Dateline, and so on.

According to her IMDB page, she was also a competitor on the 2003 program Dog Eat Dog. Despite the fact that she has an IMBD profile, there is currently no information on her acting career on the site.

Furthermore, her personal life has not yet made its way into the internet. As a matter of fact, after the incident, Tiffany has not interacted with the media.

Tiffany Bowen Fiance: Edward Charles Murder Update: Where Is He Today?

Eddie Charles, Tiffany Bowen's fiance, was convicted of murder and as of today, he is living on death row.

According to Oxygen, he was detained on suspicion of murdering his father, mother, and younger brother on November 10, 1994.

In January 1996, Charles was found guilty of one first-degree murder and two charges of second-degree murder.

He plotted to assassinate his grandpa Severino while inside, but the hitman turned out to be an undercover cop.

His death sentence was affirmed by the California Supreme Court in 2015, and as of 2021, he is still on death row.

Tiffany Bowen Age And Parents 

Tiffany Bowen's age in 2021 is estimated to be between 45 and 50 years old.

Her true age or date of birth, however, has yet to be revealed. She has been out of the spotlight since the event.

Eddie, her then-fiance, is now 49 years old, and he was 22 years old when he committed the triple homicide in 1994.

According to the LA Times, Eddie's parents disliked her and believed she was unworthy of their respect and membership in the family.