Yazmina Gonzales Parents Names Explored

The volleyball player, Yazima Gonzales, has not disclosed her parents in media or public yet. 

Also, she has not shared any posts related to her parents on her social media platforms. 

However, Mike Rattler, Susan Rattler are the parents of Spencer Rattler. Similarly, he has a sister named Olivia Rattler.

Additionally, Spencer usually shares posts with his family on his social media. 

Yazmina Gonzalez Age And Height: How Tall Is She?

Yazmina Gonzalez is currently 20 years old with a tall height of 5 feet 11 inches. 

Similarly, her boyfriend, Spencer, is 20 years old and stands at a magnificent height of 6 feet 1 inch.

Gonzalez and Spencer were born in 2000; however, Gonzalez was born on December 20, while Spencer was born on September 28.

Hence, the age difference between the athletic players is mostly three months only. 

Meet Spencer Rattler's Girlfriend On Instagram

Spencer first made their relationship public when he shared photos of them on his Instagram profile on April 1, 2018.

However, Yazmina keeps her personal life private and has not shared any photos of herself with Spencer. 

Gonzalez may soon share photos with Spencer, who frequently comments on her posts.

She has gained 25.3K followers and shares 19 posts on her Instagram under the handle @yazmina. gonzalez

Also, you can find Spencer on Instagram under the username @spencer_rattler, where he has whooping followers of 387K. 

Who Is Yazmina Gonzalez?

Yazmina Gonzalez is a volleyball player who has been playing the sport for the last seven years. 

Gonzalez is a member of the volleyball club Livewire, where she has been playing actively and with passion.

Further, Yazmina was named Pinnacle Volleyball Player of the Month in September 2018. 

Likewise, her boyfriend, Spencer Rattler, is a quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners of the National Football League (NFL).

Spencer and Yazmina have been dating for three years which is in 2018. 

Furthermore, the pair have been friends from their high school, at Pinnacle High School in Arizona.