Who Was Abe Schumer? Chuck Schumer Father

Abe Schumer was the father of the popular US Senator Charles Ellis Schumer, known as Chuck Schumer. 

Talking about who Abe was, he was a US veteran during the seconding world war and he was deployed there in the pacific. 

He used to be the radar operator and he used to look over the Himalayas for any form of air attacks. 

After the war, he started to handle his family business and he was great at it too, as his son Chuck explains. 

Indeed, Chuck said how great of a relationship he had with his father and said that he was a great man professionally, and also personally, as a dad, granddad, great-granddad, husband, and many more. 

 Also, he said jokingly that his parents had the first fight over him just hours before he was born because his father was late to see him. 

Abe Schumer Death Cause: How Did He Die?

The death of Abe Schumer was revealed by his son, senator Chuck Schumer when he reported that shi father passed away at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

This happened on the 24th of November and actually, just a few hours and the cause of his death is revealed as some heart-related issue. 

Abe did not specifically mention what took his father, but he did say that he had admitted his father to the hospital after a recent procedure for heart problems. 

It seems like the procedure did not properly work out and Abe lost his life. Also, considering his age, it is surely difficult to get over any chronic disease. 

Abe Schumer Age: How Old Was He?

The age of senator Chuck Schumer's father Abe Schumer was 98 years old at the time of his death. 

Well, his exact date of birth or birthday is not revealed yet, but the official reports have mentioned his exact age, which is how we extracted it. 

Meet Abe Schumer Wife

Abe Schumer was married to his wife, senator Chuck Schumer's mother, Selma Schumer. 

Abe and Selma were married for 72 years when he passed away recently, and it seems obvious because their oldest child Chuck is not 71. 

Abe had 3 children, the eldest of them is Chuck, and two others, whose details are not much available. 

Abe Schumer Net Worth

There is not a lot of information about the net worth of Abe Schumer. 

However, his son Chuck surely has a net worth of about $2 million. Well, Abe was in service for the US back in the days and also ran a business so he might have had a decent net worth.