Why Does YK Osiris Owe Lil Baby? 

YK Osiris owed Lil Baby a whopping five thousand dollars, as seen in a video uploaded by DJ Akademiks.

In the video uploaded on the DJ's Instagram handle on November 25, the two rappers are seen conversing in a friendly manner about Osiris owing money to Lil Baby.

The exact reason behind the money lent by Lil Baby is not in the video.

However, the two are seen laughing as Lil Baby offered Osiris to pay him when his next music hit.

Although the video does not involve any foul bond between the two, netizens went gaga over the issue.

The young Osiris is known for flexing his riches and money on his social media.

Thus, the person who is always seen showing his luxury on the internet but owing money to fellow rappers became quite a trolling matter.

Since then, Osiris has become a target of memes and media attention due to his debts.

Was YK Osiris's Drake Debt Paid? Does he owe Drake as well?

According to the recent report by Rap-Up, YK Osiris is reported to have paid his debt to Drake.

The "Worth It" singer owned a massive debt of sixty thousand dollars to the international rap icon, Drake.

Osiris is reported to have lost a bet to Drake on a basketball game.

However, Drake was kind enough to brush off the bet money if Osiris performed his song in front of Drake in his house.

Osiris is currently in Canada, touring Drake's Toronto mansion.

Osiris himself confirmed the clearance of his debt via an Instagram video where he is seen singing in Drake's kitchen.

He also pledged that betting was not for him.

It is unclear if he will be betting on basketball bets or not.

YK Osiris Net Worth 2021: How rich is he?

YK Osiris is estimated to hold his net worth figures in about $2 million as of a 2021 report.

Moreover, he is often seen shopping for brands and jewelry pieces.

Recently, he purchased a massive $325k on a pair of earrings. 

Thus, the hip-hop star is a millionaire and an avid brands lover.

YK Osiris Earnings and Salary Explored

YK Osiris has not disclosed the precise particulars of his earnings and salaries from his musical career.

He has given several hit songs since 2019 though there are no reports on his salary.

Even so, he is known for bragging about his luxurious accessories and lifestyle, as seen on his Instagram.