Why Is Ryan Guzman Leaving 911 In 2021? Is The Eddie Actor Really Leaving?

Ryan Guzman, aka the Eddie portraying actor of the hit show "9-1-1" is undergoing many speculations of leaving the show.

The speculations started recently when his character in the show is revealed to be undergoing some heavy decision-making situation.

While the recent episode has prompted many speculations and theories on the way, the news of Guzman leaving the show is yet to be confirmed.

Our close sources confirm that Guzman is still on a long-term contract with the show despite his character portrayal.

Thus, nothing can be confirmed about him leaving the show as of now.

We can only wait and watch the upcoming episodes to ensure his staying in 9-1-1.

Meet Ryan Guzman Wife and Family

Ryan Guzman is devoted to his soon-to-be official wife, Chrysti Ane, and his family with her.

Ane is also an actress and is in love with Guzman.

The couple are parents to two children thus, they have a family of their own.

Their first child, Mateo Lopes was born on January 24, 2019.

Meanwhile, their daughter was born on January 7, 2021. The family of four is happy with each other for whom Guzman makes time from his busy schedule.

Ryan Guzman Net Worth Revealed

Ryan Guzman is estimated to hold his net worth figures around $5 million, per our sources.

Considering his busy schedule in the acting industry and his previous ventures as a successful model, it is likely that he is soon to be a multi-millionaire.

Likewise, he is known to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle with his family as seen on his Instagram handle.