Who Is Luciano Moggi And Why Was He Banned From Football For Life? His Wife And Family Whereabouts

Who Is Luciano Moggi And Why Was He Banned From Football For Life? His Wife And Family  Whereabouts

Why Was Luciano Moggi Banned From Football For Life? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions as we disclose the reason for his ban as well as his personal details such as his wife and family’s whereabouts.

Luciano Moggi is a former Italian football executive best known for being the Chief Executive Officer of Juventus, a professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

Prior to being appointed as director of Juventus Football Club, he worked for and collaborated with a number of teams, including Torino, Napoli, Roma, and Lazio.

Who Is Luciano Moggi And Why Was He Banned From Football?

Former Italian football administrator Luciano Moggi was banned from Football following the 2006 Italian football scandal called Calciopoli.

Speaking about the Calciopoli, It was a match-fixing scandal in Serie A and Serie B, Italy’s top professional football leagues. 

The incident was revealed in May 2006, when a series of phone interceptions revealed relationships between team managers and match official groups.

Juventus, as well as Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, and Reggina, were accused of being involved in the Scandal.

Out of all these clubs, Juventus received the harshest punishment, being stripped of the 2004–05 title, demoted to last place in the 2005–06 championship, and relegated to Serie B.

And their managing director, Luciano Moggi, was also banned from football for life on the recommendation of the FIGC president.

Luciano Moggi Wife And Family Explored

Luciano Moggi has not revealed much about his wife and family up until the present time.

But, his son, Alessandro is a well-known figure in Italian football because he works as an agent for a number of football players and managers.

Moreover, Moggi’s son is also the head of GEA World, a football agent and manager confederation in which he and his organization were rated highly.

Speaking of Moggi, he was born in Monticiano, a town, and comune on the right bank of the Val di Merse, Province of Siena, Tuscany, central Italy.

He is said to have worked as a railway station caretaker until the early 1970s before breaking into the footballing world.

Where Is Luciano Moggi Now? His Current Status

Talking about the current status of Luciano Moggi, he proceeds to comment on Serie A for the newspaper Libero and the local television channel Telecapri Sport.

Moreover, Luciano has also continued to work with Radio Manà Manà, one of Italy’s best-known live internet radio stations.

Despite the fact that he is currently living a rather comfortable life, he continues to be involved in a number of controversies.

Moggi has made recent anti-gay remarks, suggesting that a homosexual cannot perform the job of a footballer and that he would not recruit one.