Will Hobbs

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Will Hobbs

After signing the contract of  AEW there is a rumour about Will Hobbs marriage in the media. But the beast wrestler has not mentioned about his marriage and he is not married. Will Hobbs is a professional wrestler and he has been fighting for a long time.  Many wrestler fans know him by the name ‘The Embodiment Of Willpower’ and he is also a trainer of APW Boot Camp.

Name Will Hobbs
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 1 inches
Weight 109 Kg
Nationality American
Profession Wrestler
Married/Single Single
Instagram true_will_hobbs
Twitter TrueWillieHobbs

The young and energetic wrestler Will Hobbs’ performance as a wrestler has been shining and he is a hardworking person. Will is known for for his muscular body and his beast attitude. The powerhouse is famous for his signature move named Frog Splash. Frog Splash is considered a difficult signature move but Will can execute the move with ease.

10 facts on Will Hobbs

  1. Will Hobbs is an energetic wrestler but his date of birth is unknown. Will has not mentioned anything about his age.
  2. Will Hobbs’s information can be found in many wrestling related sites and articles. However, Will’s information is not available on Wikipedia.
  3. The famous wrestler has a muscular body and h stands at the fabulous height of 6 feet 1 inch.
  4. Regarding his weight, Will Hobbs weighs 240 lbs which are 109 kg in the SI unit.
  5. The Embodiment Of Willpower, Will Hobb was born in Palo Alto, which is a beautiful place in California.
  6. Will Hobbs trainer, who is also his brother has been preparing him for AEW next season.
  7. Will Hobb is single as well as tag team wrestler. Will has won many awards and matches through submission and knockout.
  8. The famous wrestler connected with his fans through his Twitter account named TrueWillieHobbs.
  9. The net worth of Will Hobbs for the year 2020 has not been revealed.
  10. Will Hobbs’ nationality is American and his ethnicity is Black.

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