How Old Is x2twins? Age Revealed

How Old Is x2twins? Age Revealed

X2twins at 21 years of age has been gaining lots of popularity from their Fortnite channel. Here is everything you need to know about them.

x2Twins are a YouTube and Twitch combo from Australia. They primarily played CS: GO during high school, with occasional forays into PUBG and H1Z1. They got into Fortnite in 2017 and quickly rose through the ranks.

In 2018, the twins opted to pursue careers in eSports and streaming after graduating from high school. Their family backed them up in their decision and even paid for their gear.

While their channel grew gradually, it was not until Jesse won the Australian Summer Smash tournament in 2019 that it took off.

x2twins Age & Real name

The age of x2twins is 21 years old.  

They were born on 27th May. However, the actual birth date of the streamers has not been revealed yet. As they are 21 years old now, they might have been born in the year 2000.

The real name of the twitchers is Jesse Eckley and Jordan Eckley. The streamer brothers hold Australian nationality as they were born in Brisbane, Queensland.

How Much Is Their Net Worth?

The exact net worth of the x2twins has not been disclosed yet.

However, they have 500 subscriptions, which would bring in $1,250 each month if not for tournament winnings, sponsorships, advertising, and tips. They earned $100,000 in the Solo Summer Smash, where he had three Victory Royales out of six.

x2twins Wikipedia

Despite being famous through their streams, the streamers do not have a Wikipedia page yet.

They formed their team, Twinsanity, in mid-2018 after struggling to find other players of their level of skill to stay competitive with them at LAN events. They started sincerely grinding in their goal to go pro.

In mid-2018, they began competing with Cizzorz and Fresh on a limited basis.

x2twins signed on with Renegades in August 2018 after receiving Twitch partnership in July 2018.

They have a sporadic schedule because tournaments are their primary priority at the time. They do, however, stream numerous times a week for at least 5 hours each time.