Xerpal TikTok, Twitch, Age, Banned, Cheating, Warcraft

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Xerpal TikTok, Twitch, Age, Banned, Cheating, Warcraft

Xerpal is an online steamer and tiktok star. You may recognize him from his Twitch streams where he mainly plays World of Warcraft.

Name Xerpal
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Twitch Steamer

Recently, Xerpal was caught cheating in the game. People signed an online petition to get him banned from twitch. 

Furthermore, Xerpal was mentioned in Reddit posts for his cheating scandal. 

10 Facts on Xerpal

  1. Xerpal is a social media influencer, TikTok star and Twitch streamer. He is a young gamer. However, his age and date of birth are off the web. 
  2. Xerpal is most popular for playing World of Warcraft. It is one of the most popular online gaming. Likewise, the game was released in 2004. 
  3. In 2020, Xerpal made headlines after he was accused of cheating in Warcraft. Many players complained that Xerpal was gaining extra kills for no reasons. Furthermore, people even filed petitions to get him banned.
  4. Following his bio, his profile mentions that he hails from Canada. Hence, he is Canadian by nationality. But, we are unsure about his ethnicity. 
  5. Xerpal stands at a decent height and weight. However, his official body measurements are off the web. Likewise, he rarely shares his pictures.
  6. Although Xerpal is known in twitch, he still doesn’t own a wiki page till date. Moreover, we couldn’t gather details about his parents and other family members. 
  7. Xerpal is very private about his love life. He hasn’t mentioned his girlfriend or relationship status yet.
  8. Apart from World of Warcraft, Xerpal plays other games such as Call of Duty: Warzone. However, with his cheating scandal, he has been gathering attention from Reddit as well.
  9. No official source has confirmed Xerpal’s net worth yet. However, with his Twitch career, we speculate that he must be earning a handsome amount of money. 
  10. As we mentioned before, Xerpal is very private about his life. Hence, his social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok are private. 

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