Tiktok: You Playing With My Emotions Challenge – Who Created Original Video?

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Tiktok: You Playing With My Emotions Challenge – Who Created Original Video?

“You Playing With My Emotions” is the new TikTok song people are making videos with. It is just a part of the lyrics of the song “Rules” by Doja Cat. With other parts of the same song like “Do I make you Ho**y Baby?”, “Bit*h Bit*h Yah”, or just simply “Rules- Doja Cat”, all the major lyrics of this song have different TikTok videos and different popularity.

If anyone deserves to be the queen of TikTok song, then it must be Doja Cat. Pretty much every new song dropped by this singer/rapper has gone viral on TikTok. Some of them include “Say So”, “Boss Bitch” and the ones that I mentioned above already.

Now without further ado, let us start with the trend that is going viral lately. The challenge is “Tiktok: You Playing With My Emotions Challenge”. Here is everything you need to know about this challenge.

You Playing With My Emotions Doja Dat – Lyrics

The “You playing with my emotions challenge” that is going viral on TikTok is from a song by Doja Cat called “Rules”. The official version of this song was released in October 2019.

TikTok has played a huge role in making this song famous. You must have heard this song Rules already through one of your TikTok videos even if you didn’t know the song name.

There are several parts of this song titled differently according to the part of its lyrics. Some post it under audio named, “Do I make you H baby”, while some make it under “Bitch Bitch Yah”. And lately, the videos on “You playing with my emotions” are on-trend.

You can watch the lyrical video of this song by Doja Cat here.

Tiktok: You Playing With My Emotions Challenge

The You Playing with my emotions challenge is nothing but the videos by strong and confident women embracing and flaunting their beauty.

Can you believe that this song of Doja Cat got canceled and she was labeled as racist? It was because she used the word “Ni**a” on her song.

Ironically, the girls that are posting videos on this song are mostly black. You can see that among 15.2K videos on “You Playing with my emotions” and many more videos on other parts of this song are largely filled with beautiful Black women.


uhhh i wanted to join the trend 👁👄👁😭 ##LaceEmUp ##MoreHappyDenimDance ##OneLoveOneHeart ##fyp

♬ You playing with my emotionssss – mia_mor.18

Some women also post makeup tutorials or hair coloring tutorials and flaunt their final look at the end of the song. And don’t forget, since the lyrics is too fast, the challenge also includes perfect lip-sync on this sound.

Boys are commenting that girls who know the lyrics to this song are already more attractive.



♬ You playing with my emotionssss – mia_mor.18

Who did the Original Video?

There are many TikTok videos on this “You Playing with my emotions” sound clip. The original sound was created by “@mia_mor.18”. But she had also made a video on this from part of another sound clip. So, we cannot point out who exactly made the first made the video on this. Since the song was deleted on grounds of racism, it is not known yet who started posting the sound on TikTok.


Since TikTok deleted it! Let’s double the likes 😈 ##pov ##lipsync ##foryou ##viral

♬ original sound – goku.dragun

How To Create Similar TikTok Video?

If you want to create similar TikTok videos on You Playing with my emotions challenge. Get ready with your slaying outfit or makeup tutorial and start making the video using the sound. Here is a step-by-step guide on getting the original sound.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Tap + sign to start recording video.
  3. Search for “You Playing with my emotionsss  by mia_mor.18”
  4. After you find the sound, add it to your favorites
  5. you are ready to record video on this sound.