Where Is Yu Masaki Today? Everything To Know About Juan Carlos Escamilla’s Killer

Where Is Yu Masaki Today? Everything To Know About Juan Carlos Escamilla’s Killer

Yu Masaki’s parents are from Columbia and Japan. Masaki cherished his early life in an abusive family where his father was an alcoholic. Explore more.

Yu has been charged with murder and aggravated assault. The criminal was sentenced and lived in prison after he was guilty of murdering Juan Carlos and seriously injuring his girlfriend, Margaret Mccombs.

Police arrested Masaki in 2012 after he shot Juan Carlos Escamilla and his girlfriend Margaret Mccombs after he violently shot both of them outside their gym’s parking lot, which ultimately led to the death of Juan and the severe injury of Margaret.

Masaki apparently was there to kill Mccombs but then decided to kill Escamilla just because he was with her.

Yu Masaki Parents And Family

Yu Masaki was born to multi-racial parents – they lived in a family with diversified culture.

He was born to a Japanese father and a Colombian mother. Masaki had lived with his parents in both Japan and Colombia before finally residing in the United States in 2004.

According to Yu’s psychiatrist at the time of his proceedings, he was a victim of child abuse and was constantly tortured by his alcoholic father. He further added that Masaki’s father also showed signs of schizophrenia and Masaki himself was on an autism spectrum.

Masaki must have had a violent tendency due to his mental health disorder that led him to commit a horrible crime. The doctor even stated that he should be treated for his mental health while he is in prison.

Yu Masaki  Wikipedia

Yu Masaki hasn’t been featured in the Wikipedia profile yet even though he made headlines as a murderer.

There is not much thing revealed about his personal life apart handful of things about his family.

Masaki had not been charged with any crime until 2012 when he aggressively planned to kill someone.

He was obsessed with Margaret after he met her in their gym, but he got banned from making advances towards women who came to the gym. He even followed Mccombs and gifted the jewelry that she turned down.

You then got furious after being rejected and planned to murder Maggie.

Yu continued with his plan and went to 31-year-old Juan Carlos and 21-year old Margaret Mccombs on January 8, 2012, at their parking lot and fired shots at them.

The shooting eventually killed Juan Carlos on the spot but Maggie was conscious enough to tell police about the shooter. She was then taken to a nearby hospital and made a recovery but was left paralyzed from her shoulder down.

Yu Masaki Age

Yu Masaki is assumed to be 35-year-old of age.

His exact date of birth is not disclosed in the media but he was 27 years old when he committed the horrific crime.

The Japanese-Colombian criminal is said to have rough childhood that has affected his mental health very deeply. He even refused to speak English during his sentencing or answered any of the questions.

Where Is He Now?

Many have been wondering about the ruthless murderer and what he has been up to nowadays.

Yu plead guilty to murder and aggravated assault in 2013 and was given a life sentence for murder and 20 years for assault. He is currently incarcerated at the Beauford H. Jester IV Unit in Richmond Texas.

Masaki issaid to be eligible for parole in 2042.