Who Is Yussef Dayes? Everything To Know About The Drummer From The Popular Album Black Focus

Who Is Yussef Dayes? Everything To Know About The Drummer From The Popular Album Black Focus

Yussef Dayes finally goes live with this trio band after COVID restrictions open up. At only the age of 28, he is regarded as one of the best drummers in the UK.

Yussef Dayes is a British drummer known for Black Focus, Yussef Dayes Trio, and so on.

Dayes performed live with his band Yussef Dayes Trio around the UK. The tour started on 6th August and ended on 21st September, last week.

Dayes is considered a major act that revived the jazz scene in the UK. In 2010, he started playing live around the country at the age of only 17 years. Many people followed him as an inspiration to play jazz fused with modern music.

Black Focus Drummer Yussef Dayes Wikipedia And Age

Yusef Dayes, the drummer of Black Focus, grew up listening to his father’s jazz record as early as 3. He was born in 1993, mounting his age to 28.

At the age of 4, he even performed a few shows with his brothers. Later on, he formed United Vibrations, a jazz outfit with his brothers. They started playing around the UK, and Yussef started getting noticed for his live performances.

A couple of years later, he teamed up with Kamaal Williams’s keyboardist and released the album Black Focus. Black Focus went on to be massively appreciated by jazz lovers.

At the age of 26, he teamed up with guitarist Tom Misch who also sang. They released the album What Kinda Music, which features some of the drummer’s best beats.

Yussef Dayes Ethnicity Details

Yussef Dayes is British. He was born and raised in East London. Additionally, he has mixed ethnicity.

Ethnically, he is somewhere from the tropical area. However, his father, Dave Dayes, still follows his ethnic culture and posts on YouTube.

Although born in England, he has a tropical ethnicity.

Yussef Dayes Girlfriend

Yussed Dayes is married to his long time girlfriend who still remains unnamed.

They have a daughter, Nadia, together. Unfortunately,  Yussef is not a big fan of sharing personal family pictures on Instagram. However, we can spot his girlfriend/wife on a few posts.

The couple lives in East London.

Meet Yussef Dayes On Instagram

Yussef Dayes is on Instagram at @yussefdayes.

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You can see Yussef’s records, vinyl or digital, on his website Yussef Dayes.