Who Is Zach Von Rosenberg? Know More About American Football Player

Who Is Zach Von Rosenberg? Know More About American Football Player

Do you know Zach Von Rosenberg’s height and weight? His physical features have been advantageous to him to pursue his dream career. Stick with us to know more.

Rosenberg is an American football player who played college football for LSU. He has already named several accolades to his name.

After a stellar five-year career with LSU, senior punter Zach Von Rosenberg set forth to enter the 2021 NFL Draft.

Zach Von Rosenberg Height And Weight

Von Rosenberg stands at the height of 6 feet 5 inches.

ESPN unfolds that Von Rosenberg stands with a towering height. With his great height, he is considered one of the best punters in college football.

Also, Rosenberg weighs around 245 lbs.

He has great body attributes, which are required for football. Thus, he has already echoed his name in college football with his sort of talent and skills.

Zach Von Rosenberg Age: How Old?

Von Rosenberg’s age is 30 years old as of now.

As a matter of fact, Rosenberg was born in the year 1990.

And, he blows up his birthday candles on the 24th of September every year. Thus, his sun sign is Libra.

Moreover, he is the oldest player in college football, making him a source of many jokes around the LSU football program.

Zach Von belongs to an American nationality as he hails from the Zachary, LA, United States.

Meet His Girlfriend On Instagram

Zach Von Rosenberg girlfriend is Sidney Klimko

We can meet Zach’s girlfriend on Instagram. Also, We can picture Zach and his girlfriend, Sidney Klimko, on several Instagram posts. She is studying at the same University where Zach is currently studying, i.e., LSU.

Details About Parents

Zach Von Rosenberg was born to his parents, his father Randall Von Rosenberg, and Crystal Rosenberg’s mother.

Additionally, Zach has quite a supportive family. His parents believe in him. However, we’re known that his mother, Crystal, was a divorced woman before she met Randall.

She even had two children named Josh and Seth.

Moreover, he also has siblings named Gabriel and Grand Rosenberg.

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