Meet Zeycan Rochelle: A Woman Behind ‘Challenge Accepted’ Instagram Movement

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Meet Zeycan Rochelle: A Woman Behind ‘Challenge Accepted’ Instagram Movement

Meet Zeycan Rochelle: A Woman Behind ‘Challenge Accepted’ Instagram Movement. Instagram is filled with Black and White photos of women including celebrities under the hashtag #challengeaccepted. What is this challenge accepted Instagram movement and why did Zeycan Rochelle start this movement?

Here is everything we know about Zeycan Rochelle Yildrim and her motive behind the challenge accepted movement on Instagram.

What is the Challenge Accepted Instagram movement?

It is not the first time that an activist trend has appeared on Instagram. Until just recently, people all over the world were sharing a black dark image on their Instagram with a caption #BlackLivesMatter.

And now we are seeing many posts by beautiful women with their black and white monogram picture. Such pictures are captioned with #challengeaccepted or #womensupportingwomenchallenge with something about women empowerment and sharing positivity.

But this trend or movement is not just about females lifting each others’ spirits. It is more than just vanity. There is a deep meaning behind this trend.

What is the true reason behind this Viral trend Challenge Accepted?

According to the trendsetter of #challengeaccepted, Zeycan Rochelle Yildrim, the trend was started to bring light to the femicide that has been happening in Turkey in recent weeks and all over the world. It is common for us to see black and white pictures of the women who are brutally murdered by the arrogance and uncontrolled violence by men.

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To change any problem, we must begin at the root: the seeds that are planted to create the thoughts that lead to these horrific actions. . We must redefine masculinity and how it’s viewed. We must begin to educate our sons and make no differences to our daughters and mothers. It’s not an easy road but the more educated we become on the issues, the more our empathy can change society around us. —————————————  Herhangi bir sorunu değiştirmek için kökten başlamalıyız: bu korkunç eylemlere yol açan düşünceleri oluşturmak için ekilen tohumlar.  .  Erkekliği ve nasıl göründüğünü yeniden tanımlamalıyız. Oğullarımızı eğitmeye başlamalı ve kızlarımızla annelerimiz arasında fark yaratmamalıyız. Bu kolay bir yol değil ama bu konuda ne kadar eğitimli olursak, empatimiz çevremizdeki toplumu o kadar değiştirebilir. . #femicide #pınargültekin

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Zeycan thinks that we can also be the victim one day and our monogram picture may also be in the social media posts just like the other women that have suffered violent deaths and it does not matter how privileged we might think we are.  So this trend was started to spread awareness, empower women, and let each other know that the pain of all women is the same and we all are hurting together.

Who is Zeycan Rochelle? Facts on Her Age, and Wikipedia

Zeycan Rochelle is a Turkish-American. She must be around 25 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 2nd October.

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The glam never leaves, it was always a part of the plan… so was PHILANTHROPY. . I’m often asked, •how did you get into philanthropy? •what happened, I thought you would be a designer? •You should be a designer instead, will you? . And my answer is always, “Philanthropy was always the end-goal. Fashion and beauty pageants were a path to gain influence, doing what I love, and with that name and influence, I would one day start a foundation in my name to formally bring light and awareness to global social issues that often get ignored. . I was always planning for the route to the destination but the destination found me first. Sure, I still did try to do fashion (and will again in the future), I worked very hard for both pageants I was in, but it’s often not about winning or the success of it, but the effort and what it teaches you ⭐️ . I personally feel dressing nice & knowing the ins & outs of fashion as well as professional interview training and etiquette has helped me facilitate a better career in philanthropy. Nothing was wasted, nor did I go on a path of not knowing what I wanted. Everything worked together to bring me here 💫 . I thought I’d have a private foundation in my late 30’s or 40’s, but I got it 15-20 years before, unplanned. . I’m always asking myself, “What now? You got what you wanted far earlier than you expected”… so now I feel it’s time to honor what I’d say I’d do to know it wasn’t in vain. . Life has an interesting way of making things happen, one thing I know is that if you consistently put the effort towards something, you will be blessed with better & more. Sometimes God (or if you call Him the Universe) needs to see how committed you are first before the blessing arrived. . Trust in the unknown, there’s plans better than you can imagine 🌟

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Zeycan is a self-made fashion designer and an unceasing world traveler. Her full name is Zeycan Rochelle Yildirim, but she wants to be known without her family name and chooses to become independent in her business.

She has studied Business Marketing from the J.Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University.

Zeycan Rochelle’s Career

After graduating in Business in 2012, Zeycan moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career in fashion and founded her own clothing line. She also studied Merchandising Product Development from the Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandising.

Zeycan has always been passionate about fashion since childhood. She creates fashionable clothing lines and wants women to feel proud and secure of their femininity and their body while confidently embracing and showing it off in the most tasteful of ways.

This successful fashion-designer and businesswoman loves the world and appreciates beauty in its simplest forms. She is a philanthropist and humanitarian who always speaks up to bring the world’s attention to the ignored, mistreated, abused, and disabled people.

When she saw several news and posts related to the women of Turkey being victims of femicide, she decided to speak up about it through the social media platform. And it definitely has created much more attention worldwide. The #challengeaccepted has over 5.3 million posts so far of black and white pictures of women.

Although some people are still not aware of the reason behind this movement, their posts have created a huge commotion and many people are searching for it to know the truth. 

Is Zeycan Rochelle Married or Dating? Her Husband and Boyfriend Details

There is not much information about the personal life of Zeycan, so it is difficult to know about her dating life.

There are no photos of her boyfriend or husband in her social media accounts also. So, according to our records, Zeycan Rochelle is single.

Zeycan Rochelle YILDIRIM Instagram Bio

This philanthropist businesswoman is active on Instagram under the name @zeycan_rochelle. Currently, she has over 11.6K followers on Instagram. She is also active on Twitter, however, her Twitter account is private.